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By accessing and using the website, you as a user acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to comply with all terms and conditions. Access to and use of this website is free of charge. Browsing the website implies the user's acceptance of all conditions of use. If you do not agree with the conditions, you should refrain from accessing this website.

Senda Nelly Rojas reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions or any other content of the website when deemed appropriate. Modifications will be made at www.senda.com.co and it is the user's responsibility to review them.

The user's behavior when navigating the website must be correct and lawful, recognizing that the data provided on this platform are unique and exclusive to Senda Nelly Rojas.


The Senda Nelly Rojas Website and its services have an indefinite duration. However, the brand may terminate or suspend the provision of this service at any time and without notice.


The content provided to the user on the website (images, graphics, photographs, text, icons, software, graphic design, etc.), are considered the sole and exclusive work of Senda Nelly Rojas or their respective authors. Therefore, their total or partial reproduction without written authorization from their owner is prohibited. In the event that there are contents owned by authors other than Senda Nelly Rojas, Senda Nelly Rojas will obtain prior authorization in accordance with the rules that protect copyrights.


The content of the Web Page is of a general nature and has a merely informative purpose, without fully guaranteeing access to all content, nor its validity or timeliness, suitability or usefulness for a specific purpose.

Senda Nelly Rojas excludes, to the extent permitted by applicable law in the Republic of Colombia, any liability for damages of any kind arising from:

The lack of access to the website or the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, and/or timeliness of the contents and defects of any kind transmitted, disseminated, stored, or made available that have been accessed through the website or services offered traditionally or by electronic means (online).

The presence of viruses or other elements in the contents that may cause alterations in computer systems, electronic documents or user data.


The following conditions and policies regulate the use of the website www.senda.com.co as the official website of Senda Nelly Rojas. Visitors and/or users must abide by them. Through this platform the user is provided with information about products and the capacity to purchase them, so it is suggested that the user read the terms and conditions prior to use.

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