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Everything is a source of inspiration: a feeling, a symbol, a country, a culture, nature, an artist. Many times, a semi-precious stone serves as a base for me to structure my ideas; from there I start to build unimaginable designs

Nelly Rojas

Who we are

SENDA is the expression of NELLY ROJAS, an architect from Cali, Colombia, who graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. In the city of Boston, she developed a variety of specialized courses in interior architecture and art history. While she developed several architectural works and explored the design of urban furniture, Nelly simultaneously took classes in jewelry design. It was in January 2005 when she created her brand Senda “Objeto de Arte”, in order to give life to her artistic expressions.

What we do

We make objects of art with power and magic that tell a story. We are passionate about design and work with vocation to our customers so that they have a timeless unique and emotional experience with the brand.

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